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Please feel free to use or modify these files for your own use. You may also copy or share the files with other amateurs. However, none of these files may be published in any form or used for commercial purposes, except with the prior written permission of W8ZR. Be sure and check the revision history, below, to make sure you're using the latest version. Use these circuit diagrams and not the earlier ones published in QST.

Latest Revisions and Updates
EZ-Tuner Chassis (sheet 1) Rev A 6/14/01 no updates
EZ-Tuner Controller (sheet 2) Rev. B 2/20/02 D111, D112 added to increase sensitivity of freq. counter.
EZ-Tuner Stepper Motor Driver (sheet 3) Rev. C 3/30/02 Vcc for U201 bias resistors changed from +24V to +5V to increase safety margin.
EZ-Tuner Fr. Panel (sheet 4) Rev.A 3/30/02 no circuit changes, C3 labeled
EZ-Tuner RF Deck (sheet 5) Rev.A 2/2/02 no updates
eztuner code.bs2 v. 1.0 12/04/03 no known bugs.
eztuner_code_s.bs2 v.1.0S 3/11/02 no known bugs

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Download Files for the EZ-Tuner (these incorporate latest updates)


Byte Size



415 kB

 EZ-Tuner circuit diagrams - (5 pages)


29 kB

EZ-Tuner parts list (4 pages)


49 kB

EZ-Tuner control software, v1.0 (10 pages, printable file)


 29 kB

EZ-Tuner control software, v1.0 (BS2 file, for BASIC Stamp editor)

28 kB
EZ-Tuner control software, v1.0S (BS2 file, for BASIC Stamp editor.) This version uses stepper motor to turn inductor switch.