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Carole and Ellie's first day together


My first horse was was "Breeze," a wonderful Thoroughbred, who died unexpectedly in May 2008. Jim took this photo of me and Breeze on June 2, 2001, my first day with him.

Meet Mai-Tai, a talented 6-year-old Hanoverian-Thoroughbred cross, arriving at my stable on May 18,2008. Mai-Tai is 16-2 hands tall and came from Utah. He is very athletic, but has excellent ground manners, and is well on his way to learning dressage with me..

Ellie and Carole

Carole and Ellie

Mai-Tai and I are adapting well to the large Santa Fe horse community. Fortunately, my stable is just down our street, so I can ride him most every day.


This photo captures Mai-Tai's personality well. He is sweet and a little bit shy, but moves with a remarkably even, fluid grace..


Carole & Mai-Tai
Carole & Friends
Mai-Tai and I are just getting acquainted in the arena.
Here I am with my friends Andrea and Pam, watching another rider put Mai-Tai through his paces.

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